Beware of the Filipina Romance Scammers : The Gold Digger Scam ,The Cash Machine Scam ,and the Green Card Scam by Filipino ladies from the Philippines

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Now you arrived here for a reason, so that may be a clue right there ;-) Trust your gut , or 3rd parties that aren't emotionally or financially involved ,and your intuition !!
If you see your filipina romance in 
a few of the following red flags below , read more about how the scams work in our navigation. We accumulated it by reading stories of 100's of others in your situation ,and even some of the scammer's angry replies when they were busted on the scam . We've also heard from and read some stories from happily married men and their advice on finding honest, good filipinia's and from some honest filipinas as well .If information you find here convinces you she isn't the angel and saint she made you believe she was, you need to get out of the relationship . If most of the information seems familiar ,you are definitely being scammed and it could get dangerous ,because she does not care about you at all . It was 100% scam from beginning to now and she didn't 
develop any feelings for you at any stage of her scam .

Do not contact her ,even to call her out on her scam ! Do not reply to her contacts ! Do not even read any emails or text !

She knows how to lie ,manipulate ,and control you . Do not fall back into it, just move on with your life and rebuild the family 
connections and your finances, she bled you dry of . Chances are you put her bills before yours ,drained your savings,took out loans or borrowed money ,or ran up credit cards . Some for her cash machine "emergencies" or monthly needs ,some for her education , some for the visit over to meet her ,some for the gifts to show you cared ,because she was always sending you love letters or poems ,most likely stolen from and you didn't know what you could do to make her feel as special as she made you feel ,so you buy her jewelry or other gifts ,if it wasn't the green card scam , you might have bought property or a condo over there to retire in since she doesn't want to move to the USA . She didn't tell you that it could only be in her name ,until you fell in love with the fantasy .With the the gold digger ,cash machine scammer you will be "dumped" either when you are out of resources to fund her or when the time to retire and live in that house you bought her comes .With the green card scam ,she most likely has friends or family already in the USA .After she gets her green card she will dump you,sometimes moving in with the other family or friends .If she makes a "anchor baby" that is usually to get full child support ,with using a restraining order .Your "angel" does a 180 ,provoking fights and trying to get you to threaten her .If she has no family or friends in the USA she will have you thrown out of your home.
Any of this sound familiar ? 

Block her from your social network sites . Block her from your messengers & email accounts ,then delete her from them , if you want to save the emails ect. in a folder incase you decide to report her later, do so. These kind of scams are rarely reported . We hear about the " African Scam or the Nigerian scam " where the victims never meet their scammers . These are the ones that you see all over the internet, warning you about never sending money to those you haven't met in person .You thought it was safe to send her money ,because you met her, right ? Other's will too ! Most do not tell their story or report their scammers,because they are so ashamed ( for not listening to those in their "real life" that love and care for them and embarrassed for being fooled . So it might be healing for you and others going through this ,if you do report it .
Block her from your cell phone , and home phone if you can . Change your phone number if you have to . If she had your work ,friends ,or families contacts or phone to get ahold of you ,let them know ,you do not want to talk to her and let them know you've ended it . Chances are they already knew you were being scammed and either didn't want to tell you, or they did ,and it compromised your relationship with them,so they will be relieved and most likely anxious to have your back on telling her off !

 These woman can get hostile , if their cash machine is threatened to close for business or you ever make them mad or show mistrust . If you show distrust in her ,or she finds out you did something untrustworthy , you should be prepared for your email to get hacked or fake profiles made with your picture . You may not even know they are out there ,or ever knew how mad you made her ,because part of her way to trick you, was being "so loving and understanding, to everything over the years " Change passwords to strong ones she couldn't guess. Another reason not to open any messages from her . They often plant virus's or worms in the messages to have your passwords sent to them . They often flood your contacts with spam sent from your email address .They may even threaten to send everyone private pictures of you .If you didn't send any ,she could have taken still shots of a private moment on webcam or skype . So ,it's best not to make contact and have this spiral out of control . If she doesn't know how to do these things you can bet one of her friends or family do ! They were all in on the scam and have been helping the whole time . Scammer's friends and families are often scammers and unemployed . Honest woman hate the scammers for how they ruined the filipina's reputations and will not associate with them .Their family works ,they have too ,since the pay is low .They rarely have time to be on the internet and they would never send hints of problems to guilt you or accept money ,unless they were married ,because then they are family to you. They would rather eat insects and starve ,then accept hand outs from someone who they met on the internet. Family helps family , you are not their family ,until you are married.

 Scamming is very profitable and helps the province community and economy ,so its encouraged in the provinces , and they have many resources available to help . Any "proof " can be bought with the money they already got from you or the other victims they have . There are fake documents, dirty doctors,and dirty realtors , ect. Always check public records of numbers you research on your own. Never trust the phone numbers she gives you .It's usually a friend or family member answering , waiting for your area code to show up.Look up the business online !
The best way to get rid of her ,is to ignore her . She will eventually move on , she has others ,so she really don't need you .She never did !

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