Beware of the Filipina Romance Scammers : The Gold Digger Scam ,The Cash Machine Scam ,and the Green Card Scam by Filipino ladies from the Philippines

Filipina Gold Digger and/or Cash Machine Dumper Scam
If you visited your lady in the Philippines and are giving her money and gifts and/or property for you two to live in once you retire ,before marriage ,you are caught in this scam .
We accumulated our knowledge of scammers by reading stories of 100's of others in your situation ,and even some of the scammer's angry replies when they were busted on the scam . We've also heard from and read some stories from happily married men and their advice on finding honest, good filipinia's and from some honest filipinas as well .If information you find here convinces you she isn't the angel and saint she made you believe she was, you need to get out of the relationship . If most of the information seems familiar ,you are definitely being scammed and it could get dangerous ,because she does not care about you at all . It was 100% scam from beginning to now and she didn't develop any feelings for you at any stage of her scam .
 She knows how to lie ,manipulate ,and control you . Do not fall back into it, just move on with your life and rebuild the family 
connections and your finances, she bled you dry of . Chances are you put her bills before yours ,drained your savings,took out loans or borrowed money ,or ran up credit cards . Some for her cash machine "emergencies" or monthly needs ,some for her education , some for the visit over to meet her ,some for the gifts to show you cared ,because she was always sending you love letters or poems ,most likely stolen from and you didn't know what you could do to make her feel as special as she made you feel ,so you buy her jewelry or other gifts ,you might have bought property or a condo over there to retire in since she doesn't want to move to the USA . She didn't tell you that it could only be in her name ,until you fell in love with the fantasy .With the the gold digger ,cash machine scammer you will be "dumped" either when you are out of resources to fund her or when the time to retire and live in that house you bought her comes 
Any of this sound familiar ? 

The Bait :
Many don't even use dating sites . Some use social network sites like Facebook or . Many are friends of friends . If they use dating sites , they usually don't contact you .They don't want you to think they are scammers and into internet dating.They don't want you to feel profiled. At most,they might wink or smile .You might message them a few times,before they finally reply.That sets them up for the nibbles of whether you will fall for sending money . They don't want to ask right away or make you think they are hinting. They also want you to think ,you chose them,so they play hard to get .They already checked you out,before responding . You fit the profile : You are what they call " Old,ugly,bald men" that are so pathetic and lonely that you can't find women in your own community,so you have to look online.They don't feel you are worthy of them,being beautiful and young,because you are a loser .They could get any man they want,and do...what makes you so special ? ( Your eagerness to buy your woman ) Like our site said,some angry filipina's spoke out about why they think you deserve being scammed.They are sociopaths with no empathy .You are most likely divorced or widowed and living alone.This will help them not having competition on your money and less people to tell them what they are doing to you ,if you have no social life. You often don't have a profile picture. They feel it's because you are insecure about your looks . Your age or looks mean nothing to them,because they have no intentions of living a real life with you . They just need that money ! If you are insecure,you are more likely to fall for their flattery and requests.

The Nibble :
When they respond to you,they may apologize and tell you they haven't had internet usage in awhile,because the internet cafe was expensive . They really don't do the internet dating and are not on the internet that much,they were just checking it out and bored the day they created it.During the time it took them to respond they had already had 100's of replies and have been checking you guys out .They are responding to all the ones that fit their "profile" now . I say "they" because time is of essence here. They might be having a friend or family member helping with the weeding or emails. The reason time is of essence is ,they will very soon deactivate their profile, if it's a dating profile.So you will know they really aren't into dating sites and they actually like you.You don't know about the dozens of other guys they are writing.By now she has you switched over to Yahoo messenger or maybe Google + . You are so happy she finally responded and she likes you . She must be a good woman ,because she's not into dating sites and chose you .You ache to talk to her and want to see her live. Even if she really doesn't already have internet access and a laptop from one of her previous scams,one of her friends would, if she really wanted to talk with you.She is making you want her more.Loneliness makes the heart grow fonder.You want to buy her a laptop and internet,maybe even a cell phone.Now you can talk to her always:D I've read many stories of the first one getting lost in the mail (giving away or sold cheap,but, if you sent one,you'll send another, to get what you want) Little did you know ,the honest Filipina are out working ,long hours and have no time for internet . They wouldn't accept these gifts.If you send them an international calling card though,they would use it ONLY to talk to you. Not telling you a family member in the states came ill and they spoke with them ( translation: they used up the minutes talking to the other victims) Ok,so you have bought her lies and her love....

The Love and romance begins :
You might want to check out or other love poem and love letter sites .This is where they get a lot of their love sentiments from .Sometimes just copy/pasted ,then just change the names . Many others are getting this same love stuff . This is why they can be more romantic in writing,then on cam or Skype. They explain this away,by the camera makes them shy.You are beginning to see how much this angel loves you and you want to make her yours forever . You must meet her face to face .To feel her touch . You know if you propose to her ,you don't want it to be over the internet so you are prepared "Just incase" to propose while you are over visiting her.
****She really isn't attracted to you and don't want to be a whore so she won't be as affectionate in person as she was in writing either . She most likely told you she's a virgin too . Most have Filipino 
boyfriends and some husbands already .Or lady lovers.Homosexuality is real open over there. Most have close family or friends who are homosexual . Whoever she is really with, is in on the scam and helping her spend the money.So don't expect to see her much while you are over there.

Your first visit to the Philippines :
You arrive .They roll out the red carpet .Her and her closest family members and friends greet you .You will meet them all during your stay and get very close to them .The objective : It makes you feel very close to her and you know she is real and genuine . You don't realize they not only approve of the scam,but they are helping her . Everyone treats you like a King and with the upmost respect . All the neighborhood children come around in amazement .They are curious of how you speak and of any cool gadgets or candy you may have . You see how they live and feel sorry for them with the poverty and filth .It seems so cheap to fix things for them, so you try to do anything you can to improve their life .It don't matter how much they get though,the "poor appearance" they must keep for the other victims ,when they visit. They are master savers .They know their beauty and youth will only last so long and they won't be able to pull off the being a virgin forever so they must get as much money as they can in their 20's and early 30's ,so they can retire from their scam,or for when they have to lay low .Your lady will often take off for hours to be with her Filipino lover and leave you bonding with her family .She'll either say it was to go to the market or church ect.
She will also show you the fun things to do and the "paradise world " where you could live so economically and feel like a king .Many of the Gold diggers don't even purchase the property ,they just send you a fake document and have you mail the money to them ,rather than the realtor .Then when the scam ends when you're about to move to be with her ,it burns down and more fake documents support that.This is why these Gold Diggers don't show you the realtors or property while you are there,because they don't want you involved in the sale.Most area's and property the house or building can be bought by the foreigner,but the land must be leased by a Filipino resident.Many investors usually choose this option .If she did purchase it though,it will be hers to keep when you are dumped . 
You most likely don't want to miss your opportunity to propose in person, so you do,and she accepts.

The Cash Machine starts flowing :

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